About NuFlorist

NuFlorist was created by an experienced florist, designed for the modern floral shop. By understanding the business, we are able to develop the tools you need most.

NuFlorist will eliminate the difficulties of running a floral shop, allowing you to spend more time creating.

The increased attention to your business will pay dividends in higher customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Florists, Helping Florists

We strive to develop tools for the floral industry that will make it much easier to make a profit. This is done with marketing and communication tools as well as those that enhance productivity and eliminate waste.

NuFlorist Fast Facts


Developed by an entrepreneur with a passion for floral shops.


We're a small team committed to the cause.


We love connecting with small business owners and like minds.

Our Products


Pro floral shop management tools (Coming Soon)


Photo sharing made simple

Nuflorist Leader

About Daniel Sanchez, Our CEO

Daniel Sanchez spent over a decade running a series of flower shops. With a background in computers, he was frustrated by the lack of custom software for his field. After developing a few programs for himself, he decided to found NuFlorist to expand his offerings and help more entrepreneurs.

Coming Soon

We're working hard to create the perfect app to run your store.

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