Introducing BloomView

Streamline and enhance your photo sharing at the click of a button. Increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

Bloomview Benefits

Fantastic features every florist wants

Saves Time

Keeps track of all conversations in one thread. MAS integration lets you auto-fill orders via QR code.

Shared Platform

Employees no longer have to use their personal phone numbers or data usage/space. All photos and messages stored securely in the cloud.


Get More Positive Reviews

The ease of communication will impress your customers. Encourage them to leave a review on Yelp!, Google, or any other site.


How it works

  • Take Photo
  • Scan Info
  • Get Great Reviews

Take a Photo

Open the Bloomview app and log in. Press the shutter icon in the center and snap a photo.

  • > You can adjust or retake if necessary
  • > Photo stored in secure cloud

Scan Info

Thanks to MAS integration, you can scan the QR code on the customer receipt to populate their name, address, email, and phone.

  • > Can be added manually
  • > Use default message, or send your own
  • > Send via SMS, email, or both

Get Great Reviews

Improve customer experience with Bloomview and reap the rewards. Direct them to your favorite review site to increase business.

  • > Yelp! Google, or custom site
  • > Easily track customer experience
  • > Respond quickly to negative reviews

One platform helps improve your Brand

By using Bloomview instead of separate smartphone accounts, everyone benefits.

Stay in the Loop

When everyone uses their own phone, it can be difficult to keep track of orders. Bloomview stores every converstation and photo thread.


Employees no longer have to use their camera roll or phone number. Now the photo is sent via Twilio and stored remotely.

Customers Will Love It!

Receiving a message from your shop with a lovely photo of their order that they can easily reply to will impress them.

Try Bloomview Free

Sign up for an account and download the Bloomview app for iPhone or Android. You'll have 30 days to see how well it works for you.


  • Send Photos via SMS, Email, or Both
  • Template or Custom Message
  • Track Acceptance
  • Notification List/Alerts
  • MAS Integration (QR Codes)
  • Social Media/Review Integration
  • (Google, Facebook, Yelp!, Custom)
  • Transparent Billing (Fee + Usage)